Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Is This December?

The holidays have successfully snuck in between these abnormally warm Colorado days. While we can all hope for a little snow &, dare I say, a little cold, the holidays are here regardless. So we've begun baking & decorating cookies whether you are ready to eat them or not!!

Our Thanksgiving went quite well. The bakery was busy as ever. We took the weekend away to enjoy family in Santa Fe, NM & returned relaxed and ready for the next push through December. Thank you for all the pies ordered and consumed last month, just enough to stretch your stomachs for cookies, right?

Happy Holidays!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Summer's End

After a brief summer break (a trip to the lovely Crested Butte) we are back and gearing up for pie season at Wooden Spoon. I know, it seems so soon! But we have pastry boxes to fold and order forms to begin preparing for Thanksgiving and beyond. So while we watch the neighborhood shift into school schedules and more serious work routines, we will be doing the same, in a sense.

But before we move on to fall officially I wanted a few quick lines dedicated to Colorado peach season, my favorite time of year. Now, I may be biased, as I was born in this lovely state, but I think Colorado peaches are the best. I've tried Georgia peaches, Long Island white peaches and many more but still, Palisade turns out the best. This summer, I even had a chance to make a peach pie at home! So here's to peach season, we'll miss you when you are gone.

Our shop has now been open for 2 years & 2 months and we can't believe the transformation and growth of this once small neighborhood. Jason and I recall sleepy afternoons in 2010 when 32nd St. seemed to siesta from Federal to Tejon, but no more! Those days are gone. It has been great to meet new faces and build relationships with new regulars and just as great to watch the changes with our very first customers who have stuck with us since day one.

So on to September. We look forward to fall sweets, hot teas and soup to make it back on the menu! And of course, I aim to write more on this darn blog!!!!!

See you at the shop.