Tuesday, March 30, 2010


After many years of working in the restaurant and baking industries, my husband and I are opening a cafe of our own in Denver's Highlands neighborhood. We look forward to cooking and baking with fresh, local ingredients to provide both the neighborhood and city with well crafted pastries, breads and cafe fare.

Wooden Spoon will be located at 2418 W. 32nd Avenue and will be opening late spring/early summer, 2010. Please check in as we update our blog with details and menu descriptions as the date gets closer.

We look forward to opening soon,
Jason & Jeanette Burgett.

(Website coming soon.)


  1. Hey guys! Excited to hear about a new cafe in the neighborhood! I actually live right across the street and was wondering when you are going to start interviewing for staff positions at the wooden spoon. I am very interested and excited about the possibility of getting involved with your cafe project on the ground floor. I have about nine years of experience in the restaurant industry and am always excited to help a new local and forward thinking business flourish. I would love to speak with you and send you a resume as soon as possible. My name is Andy and my email is andydwarren@gmail.com. I look forward to speaking with you soon!

  2. Thanks Andy. In the first few weeks we will be working on getting established and well familiarized with the bakery space and customer flow. After that we will be considering resumes and applications. I will keep your email on record and feel free to stop by and introduce yourself when we open.

    Thanks so much,