Sunday, January 9, 2011

A month later, I'll post this!

Upon returning to work on Tuesday, January 4, Jason asked me what kind of sugar cookies I wanted him to make and the thing that passed through my mind was, "What is the opposite of a Christmas cookie?" And so we made dinosaurs. Now, I'm not sure if dinosaur is the opposite of Christmas but we thought we'd give it a try. So Jason cut out the cookies and the next day Andrea went to town decorating these fine creatures, creatures that have walked right off the plates into distinction, I might add. Since the dinosaurs, we've also made ducks and fish. We're going to fit in as many animals as possible before it's on to hearts and everything Valentine's.

The holidays wrapped up nicely, especially the two, three-day-weekends that Jason and I attempted to stretch out as slowly as possible. Three days off is like a month long vacation and we had two of them back to back! We're glad to have made it through our first holiday season with no big knots in the ropes and we can now count the things that we'll change and improve on next year.

Once again, so many of your orders and so much of you return business has been much appreciated. Happy 2011 to you all!!

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